Holder, Winch Handle


Color: Navyline


Robship Winch Handle Holders

Sauleda fabrics, YKK fastening, GORE TENARA Thread, Dot Durable 316

Robship Winch Handle Holders have been designed to accommodate both 8in (200mm) and 10in (250mm) handles.
The sides are tapered down to roll the winch handle to one side which stops that annoying "clunk" every time the boat rolls
We increased the size just a bit so that a large PET bottle of water fits
The use of YKK Snads for "no holes" fixing or wood screws make our winch holders versatile, long-lasting and practical. The bottom is vinyl mesh for airflow and drainage.

    • One size fits both 8 and 10 inch handles (200mm and 250mm)
    • Height 31cm (12.2in) / Width 12cm (4.72in) / Depth 12cm (4.72in)
    • Pocket is large enough to fit a large water bottle
    • Salueda Sea Star long lasting UV and colour fast acrylic fabric.
    • Goretex Tenara thread for the ultimate in UV and rot resistance.
    • Stainless Steel Studs.
    • 4 x YKK Snads included.
    • Rip-stop sailcloth for the internal sleeve.
    • Stainless steel studs.

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