Soft Shackle HLE

RobshipSKU: SSHLB1-2S-BK

Size: 2.0 x 20mm
Material: Bar
Color: Black


Benefits of Robship Soft Shackles HLE

  • About the same price as Stainless Steel
  • No tools required to open them.
  • They are soft, no damage to deck-side and other equipment.
  • 4 to 6 times lighter than equivalent stainless steel.
  • Extremely strong.
  • No fiddling with bits that can fall out.
  • Can be used in places that metal shackles might be impractical.
  • With fixed High load eye, this can be an altanative for blocks.
  • Safe. They are soft and easy on the body.
  • Easy to use, very simple to open and close.
  • UV stabilized
  • Abrasion Resistant

Robship short length Soft Shackles HLE

These are excellent to use where a longer shackle’s attachment would flop around possibly damaging deck and equipment.

Material rope and construction

We won't compromise on the fibers or construction of the rope.

  • Made with Robline Ocean Black made from real DSM fibers.
  • Experienced and dedicated staff do the production.
  • Correctly sized loops
  • Knots which are pre tightened and then mechanically loaded on a special loading machine to specific loads make for consistent break loads and zero "pull thru" on the knots.
  • The black dyneema won't fade as the color is in the fibre itself.
  • PU coating of the base rope keeps the rope compact and reduces snagging of fibers.

Dimensions of soft shackles

  • Robship Shackle Lengths (L) are defined as the inside length when pulled flat against a radius on each end equal to the body diameter of the shackle itself.
  • The Body Diameter (D) is the diameter of the finished shackle. The shackle itself is layered with the original rope passing thru the middle of itself thus is thicker than the base rope.
  • The Head Diameter (H) is the diameter of the knot. You will notice Robship shackles have smaller heads than competitors as they are hydraulically loaded from both sides during construction.
  • The Loaded Thickness (F) is the thickness of the shackle when loaded against a surface which will cause it to flatten somewhat. You can flatten the shackle manually to pass thru a slot that is slightly larger than this thickness such as for a webbing eye strap.

Sizes and load specifications

2mm variants

Part number SSHLB1-2S-BK SSHLB1-2M-BK
Material Rope size 2mm
Diameter 'D' 3.5mm
Thickness 'F' 2.7mm
size 'H' 8mm
Length 'L' 20mm
(3 9/64")
High Load Eye Dia. inner=6mm(1/4")
Breaking Load 451kg

3mm variants

Part number SSHL(B/R)1-3S-BK SSHL(B/R)1-3M-BK
Material Rope size 3mm
Diameter 'D' 5mm
Thickness 'F' 4mm
size 'H' 11mm
Length 'L' 20mm
(3 15/16")
High Load Eye Dia. Rutgerson : inner=11mm(7/16") /outer=25mm(1")
Barton : inner=9mm(23/64") /outer=18mm(45/64")
Breaking Load 1372kg

5mm variants

Part number SSHL(B/R)1-5S-BK SSHL(B/R)1-5M-BK
Material Rope size 5mm
Diameter 'D' 7.5mm
Thickness 'F' 5.5mm
size 'H' 18mm
Length 'L' 40mm
(4 3/4")
High Load Eye Dia. Rutgerson : inner=15mm(19/32") /outer=35mm(3/8")
Barton : inner=12mm(1/2") /outer=26mm(1 1/64")
Breaking Load 2993kg

6mm variants

Part number SSHL(B/R)1-6S-BK SSHL(B/R)1-6M-BK
Material Rope size 5mm
Diameter 'D' 7.5mm
Thickness 'F' 5.5mm
size 'H' 22mm
Length 'L' 40mm
(4 3/4")
High Load Eye Dia. Rutgerson : inner=15mm(19/32") /outer=35mm(3/8")
Barton : inner=16mm(5/8") /outer=38mm(1 1/2")
Breaking Load 4023kg

About safe working loads

  • There is no set standard for safe working loads on soft shackles. And frankly a maze in regards to steel shackles standards. A safe working load can be considered differently depending on the use and standards agency to be anywhere from 1/6th of Break Load to 50% of break load.
  • We use 20% of break load as a safe working load recommendation, and this is listed in the table above. Because soft shackles are so lightweight in most situations using a shackle that is "too strong" is no issue.
  • NOTE, that many other makers most commonly use 50% of break load for their safe working load figure. When comparing load ratings between different manufacturers it is best to look at break loads, or be sure that working loads are being compared with the same % of break load.

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