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470 Top Cover



Perfect fit with rigorously selected weather-resistant materials

We have made this from scratch in-house: from carefully selecting the materials, 3D scanning different builder's boats and developing designs to manufacturing it. The top cover will protect the hull and rigging from the sun and keep its interior dry.

Note: The image may be slightly different from the actual product. ROBSHIP is always working on product improvement and those improvements are reflected on the products as needed. On the website, we differentiate products with “MK numbers”. We also update information on the products on this page as well. However, changes that do not affect the product’s efficiency may not be reflected in the images.

Perfect fit possible with 3D modeling technology

To produce this top cover, we 3D-scanned the several different builder's boats, and created a model based on that, then designed panels by using the CAD software. Because of this, we can now create panel layouts that that would be difficult to replicate with manual templating.

What’s special? The bow

We have a slot built in so that you can secure the ropes while keeping the cover on. Also, to make it possible to put the covers on even with the mast up, you can fully split the tip of the cover with an opening zipper. Not only the bow, but all zippers have a waterproof tarpaulin inner-flap on the back side. This not only prevents the contact of the hard zipper and the hull, but also functions as a gutter. The flap prevents the water infiltrating through the zippers, and leads the water down.

What’s special? The side and stern 

To cover the sidestay, the side panel comes with a slit which has detachable buckles. This buckle and belt is connected with a rope that runs through the side panel. Since the tension goes in the side panel, it doesn’t flap. We placed backing materials on buckles that touch the hull. The panels on the stern go under the back corners and close with zippers and a special tensioning system. Also, a slit is placed in the middle of the stern so that it can be used even with the tiller/rudder attached. It can also be used with the rudder removed, since buckles are attached on the lower part of the slit. You can secure the cover with the zipper, buckle, and rope. 

What’s special? The deck and spar 

Because we have designed a slit with a zipper from the sidestay chain plate to the mast, you can put on the cover even while the mast is up. The joints of both the mast and sidestay are covered with a cone-shaped cover. By tightening it with buckles, you can minimize the opening at the rigging and cinch tight to the mast. The stay, mast, and cleats and other high wear areas are strengthened with abrasion-resistant reinforcing PVC patches. This prevents the cover from being damaged. There are pull tabs over the cockpit so you can pull the cover up to the boom or with the halyard to prevent water from pooling over the cockpit

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