YKK Snads attachment solution 

Most storage tools for boats require “drilling and screwing” when you install them, but Robship products are different. Products designed to be fixed to the wall have snap buttons fixed to the back of the panel, so that they can be fixed to YKK Snads (button fasteners). The backside of YKK Snads have a strong adhesive tape, so simply placing them on a flat surface provides you an installation point for Robship products. 

No need to drill holes in the wall, no need to worry about unnecessary damage to the ship, and no need for waterproofing. What's more! The product is secured by snap buttons, so it can be easily attached and removed without using any tools. Robship products, which are originally made of super weather-resistant materials, can be removed and stored on board when not needed. Because of this, the overall lifespan and the ease of use of the product is far superior which are designed for permanent fixing.

You might be wondering …
Won’t objects come off if you just install 
Robship products with an adhesive tape?

Snads are button fasteners developed and manufactured by YKK for exterior walls for houses. Snads come with super strong 3M adhesive tape and is used to secure sunshade outside of the windows (which will receive wind resistance) for a long period of time. So it’s perfectly suitable for securing small deck storage equipment. 

How to secure Snads

1. Where to mount them

Snads must be fixed on a flat surface with no bumps and dips. Please choose a smooth surface with no curves, no nonskid, and no deflection. Once you choose where to mount, wash off salt and oil from the surface with water and boat detergents, and dry it well. We don’t recommend the use of acetone as it may leave behind a solvent that reacts with the adhesive and works as a parting agent even after drying.

2. Only mount 1 Snad first

Clip one of the Snads to a corner snap. Do not remove the backing tape. Gently mark the location of where the Snad will adhere to. Using the included alcohol wipe clean the location where you have marked. Detach the Snad. Then carefully peel off the backing tape on one of the Snads and press down firmly in location. Pressing down the Snads firmly while fixing gives a much stronger bond. Wait for 30 minutes.

3. Attach the remaining Snads

Clip the remaining Snads on and leave the backing tape in place. Clip the product onto the previously fixed Snad. Wipe the area where the Snads will be attached with alcohol and then remove the backing tape of the Snads one at a time working outwards and with a gentle tension from the previously fixed Snad. Make sure that the product is fixed horizontally and press down firmly down for a few seconds. Important: Please wait 24-48 hours before you load up the product. This allows the adhesive to adhere firmly.