Frequently Asked Questions.

How secure are the adhesive on the YKK Snads?

SNADs will adhere to most clean, dry and well-unified surfaces. Typical surface cleaning solvents are a 50/50 Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) water mixture. It is important to follow the installation instructions, particularly in regards to wait times and bond strength.
More information can be found in our "How to... " section 

Do the rope and cockpit bags mount on lifelines or do I need to purchase a seperate backing plate?

All our cockpit and rope bags (excluding the Mast Bag) will mount onto nearly all lifelines and solid rails.
The shape of the back flaps allow for most mounting situations. Where extra bottom or side fixing  is needed there are four small loops located on the lower edges of the backing plate for extra security. 

Do you do other colours than Navy?

At the moment we have the Navy with grey inserts. Other colour options will become available.