Mounting Instructions using the YKK SNADsRobship Double Pocket Rope Bag - Marine Sheet Organiser

If you have bought one of our products that require fixing with YKK SNADs please read the instructions below.
Where to mount.
Locate a place where it will not catch or hinder movement. Once you are happy where to mount, thoroughly clean and dry the area. Clip one of the SNADs to a corner snap, do not remove the backing tape.
Marking the location.
Gently mark the location of where the SNAD will adhere to. Detach the SNAD.
Attaching the SNAD.
Using the included alcohol wipe clean the location where you have marked. Then carefully
peel off the backing tape on one of the SNADs and press down firmly* in location.
Wait 30 minutes.Robship Marine Cup and Mug Holder
Attaching the remaining SNADs.
Clip the remaining SNADs on and leave the backing tape in place. Clip the product on to the previously fixed SNAD and then line up where you want the product to be. Alcohol wipe the area where the SNADs will attach and then remove the backing tape of the SNADs one at a time working outwards and with a gentle tension from the previously fixed SNAD. Press down firmly* down for a few seconds as each SNAD is applied into place.
* Pressing down firmly on to the SNAD while fixing gives a much stronger bond.

Please wait 24-48 hours before you load up the product, this allows the adhesive to firmly adhere.