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Protect your winch & keep it clean

ROBSHIP Winch Covers, other than making the boat look smart, protect the winch from knocks and bangs along with your shins and elbows. The covers protects your winch from dirt, dust, salt and UV damage. The cover has an internal fabric sleeve and drawstring operated from the side to hold secure in all conditions.

The cover is made with durable acrylic fabric. The lining is made with spin cloth, so no worries for the interior being drained with rain or sea water (the cover is not completely waterproof). The hem is strengthened to prevent it from losing its shape. The girth can be tightened by pulling the shock cord on the backside. This will cover the winch securely and prevent it from being blown away by wind.

Available in 4 sizes

  • S: 14cm Diameter, H 15 cm
  • M: 17.5cm Diameter, H 18 cm
  • L: 20.5cm Diameter, H 21cm
  • XL: 25cm Diameter, H 26cm

  • Greyline and Navyline available
  • Sauleda Sea Star fabric, long lasting UV and colour fast acrylic fabric
  • GORE-Tenara thread: high UV- and rot-resistance
  • Lanyard at the top for additional tightness
  • 316 Stainless Steel rings
  • Marine grade shock cord
  • Heavy Rip-stop Spinnaker sail cloth for internal sleeve

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