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Cover, Lifeline Turnbuckle



Protect yourself & your sail from protruding objects!

This durable turnbuckle cover is made out of 2 layers of acrylic fabric with a navy blue exterior and a gray interior. This covers the end area of the lifeline, protecting your sail and yourself from protruding objects such as split pins. The front is curved so it fits curves such as the pulpit. This product comes as a pair (one each for the starboard and port). You can install them on either the starboard or the port, although the logo mark will be flipped. 

Easy to install with Velcro!

The Velcro is sewn to most of the back side so you just have to sandwich this cover on the lifeline – Easy to install! Also, by passing the thumb-like flap through the eye of the pulpit and securing it, you can prevent the cover from sliding backwards (If the shape of the pulpit makes it difficult to pass the flap through the eye, simply folding it in will work too).

Size (external dimensions): L 30cm x H 65cm

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