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[Legacy] Rope Bag, MP/Winch Combi



Winch Combi

This model has a winch holder with a panel-shaped “bone” in the semi-cylindrical fabric pocket, which retains its 3D shape. The front pocket is large enough to hold a tablet, phone, gloves, hats and your favorite book! The winch holder, pocket and the rope storage have vinyl mesh on the bottom for airflow and drainage. The side pockets can accommodate winch handles or a few bottles of beer or water. 3 lanyards are placed so that you can easily pull out your accessories (e.g. bottle opener, shackle opener, knives). The winch holder front is angled down so the winch handles roll to one side and stay there.

SIZE (H x D): 320mm × 100mm / W: M=355mm L=480mm

  • Rope storage holds 30m+ of 12 mm rope (100+ feet)
  • 6 YKK Snads included for cockpit mounting (4 for Medium size)
  • UV- and rot-resistant GORE-Tenara thread is used
  • Can be securely attached to both lifeline and/or rails
  • Extra loops for additional securing points
  • Fabric from Sauleda's Sea Star range for long lasting UV resistance and color fastness

Fully mesh-lined bottom

This rope bag with a lot of storage capacity comes with a fully mesh-lined bottom. Perfect drainage and airflow. 

Easy to install with Velcro!

In addition to the installation on YKK Snads (see below), the bag can be easily installed to/detached from the lifelines with Velcro sewn horizontally and vertically. The backside of the bag has a rigid panel that won't lose its shape even after applying weight on it! 

Compact & high capacity 

Bottles can be stored in the side pockets. Thin items or items that you want to take out frequently can be stored in the front. The mesh pocket is double-layered with the front pocket, so you can store things separately. It has a gusset, so it can easily accommodate 2cm-thick objects.

Easy to use with carefully designed details 

To make it easy to put the ropes in and out, we designed a curve on the side top of the main pocket, and there’s a convenient loop where you can hook your knives and lights.

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