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Color: Greyline


This emergency boarding ladder is designed to be set on the stern pulpit (or other strong attachment point) and left in place with proper UV protection included for the mounting straps.
The ladder is extra long so that on most all boats there is enough of the ladder in the water to get your feet onto the ladder while still in the water. This is critical as it can be very difficult for people to lift themselves out of the water in an emergency situation, especially with wet clothing on.
There is also a deployment cord included which is designed to dangle below the bag to the water so that if alone the ladder can be released by pulling on the cord from water level.
Bag Size before deployment: 
Width: 220mm (8 3/4")
Height: 300mm (12")
Depth: 60mm (2 3/8")

Length deployed from top of bag (Strap attachment point) to bottom step: 3200mm (10 feet, 6 inches)

Steps: 10 steps spaced at 300mm (12") in height each. Steps are 220mm (8 3/4") wide Steps are stiffened with fibreglass batten so they act as proper steps and don't "collapse" in use.

Webbing and Strength. The webbing used for the steps is 50mm seatbelt webbing so the steps themselves have a depth of 50mm. There is a separate webbing run on the right and left. The break strength of a single strap is about 1000kg (2200lbs). So the break strength of the webbing itself for both sides together is about 2 tons. Sewn straps for the steps are certainly less. That said we are very confident of the strength even for 2 heavy adults to climb at the same time with wet clothes and gear.

There is a red, Polyester and Dyneema 4mm release rope included which is 2500mm in length from the bottom of the bag. 

This is the only safety ladder we know of that is designed to fit to the boat and left in place. Most if not all other ladders have the straps exposed to UV and so strength is questionable after a year of exposure. Our ladder has an acrylic cover over the straps to protect the straps.

Straps are set onto stern pulpit etc with webbing and double ladder lock buckles.

Both Greyline and Navyline are available.

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