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Robship Essentials, Winch Handle Holder


GrafitoAzul Real
GrafitoAzul Real

Luxurious and durable winch handle holder 

ROBSHIP Winch Handle Holders are designed to accommodate both 8in (200mm) and 10in (250mm) winch handles. The rounded sides of the pocket are formed by visor, the same as used in the brim of a baseball cap. Although it’s made of soft fabric, it doesn’t get squashed flat, so it’s easy to put in and pull out the handle. The back panel is also rigid, so the holder has good shape stability. The sides are tapered down to roll the winch handle to one side which stops that annoying "clunk" every time the boat rolls. The use of YKK Snads makes our winch holders versatile, long-lasting and practical. The bottom is covered with vinyl mesh for airflow and drainage.

size / variant optionHeight [cm/inch]Width [cm/inch]Top Depth [cm/inch]Bottom Depth [cm/inch]
one size only30cm/11.81 inches12cm/4.72 inches7cm/2.80 inches6cm/2.36 inches

How to fix ROBSHIP products with YKK SNAD


[ What's new with MK2 ]

Longer length

Covers the entire turnbuckles providing protection and safety.

Internal fastening system

Velcro tail and internal loops to fix the cover in place

New color

New cool combination of Navy and Graffito

Improved fit around pulpits



  • Sauleda Acrylic Fabric for long-lasting UV and colour fastness
  • PTFE Sewing thread us ultra-UV resistant
  • Available in 2 colors:
  • Greyline – Grafito & Piedra
  • Navyline – Admiral Navy & Grafito
  • Rope storage holds 50m+ of 12mm rope (164+ feet)
  • Room to hold up to 2 winch handles.
  • YKK SNADS mounting solution – No tools required, easy installation with NO HOLES or SCREWS required
  • Tough vinyl mesh at the bottom for airflow and water drainage.
  • Left and right side pockets for 8-10 inch winch handles,
  • Side pockets comfortably large enough for drink bottles/cans.
  • Two attached lanyards.

  • Built-in lifeline and/or rail mounting.
  • Extra loops for additional securing points.
  • Large flaps on all pockets.
  • Steps made from 47mm wide Polyester Seat Belt Webbing
  • Steps and webbing for steps are completely covered and protected from UV to allow for permanent mounting.
  • Closed Cell Cross Linked Polyethylene foam for durability and to eliminate water retention.
  • Extra secure double Velcro attachment.
  • Lanyards at either end to secure the Lifeline.
  • Sold in pairs (left and right).
  • Velcro attachment.
  • Stainless Steel Snaps.
  • Velcro lanyard at the bottom to stop the cover "riding" up the turnbuckle
  • Length deployed from top of bag (Strap attachment point) to bottom step: 3200mm (10 feet, 6 inches)
  • Steps: 10 steps spaced at 300mm (12") in height each. Steps are 220mm (8 3/4") wide Steps are stiffened with fibreglass batten so they act as proper steps and don't "collapse" in use.
  • Stiff inner plastic for shape retention.
  • Accommodate a can or bottle 
  • Large enough for most double walled coffee/tea mugs
  • One size fits both 8 and 10 inch handles (200mm and 250mm)
  • Stainless steel studs.
  • 600D Polyester Lining
  • Comes with two Robship straps to fit a range of mast sizes and shapes.
  • PVC outer with soft resilient neoprene lining

  • Sauleda Sea Star long lasting UV & colour fast acrylic fabric
  • UV- and rot-resistant GORE-Tenara thread 
  • Stainless Steel snaps
  • 4 x YKK Snads included
  • Rip-stop sailcloth for internal sleeve

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