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ROBSHIP Cup and Drinks Holders for sail and motor boats are designed to accommodate a large variety of cups, mugs and beverage holders whether you need to keep them cool or hot. This type does NOT have cut for mug handles.

Size: 8.5cm in diameter, D 11cm, H 15cm, W 12.5cm

Detachable bottle holder with excellent weather-resistance

All of the fabric area is made of acrylic fabric that has similar UV-resistance to UV cloths, and the cushion is sewn with the GORE-Tenara, which is an outdoor sewing thread. GORE-Tenara is super strong – the UV won't be able to burn it out! The detachable device uses DOT's snap buttons and YKK's "Snad" (adhesive snap buttons for exterior walls), making installation super easy. No drilling nor equipment needed at all! Because it comes with buttons, it’s easy to install and detach. When you won’t be using the product, you can store it somewhere else, and keep it in good condition for longer. The bottom is made of mesh fabric, so no need to worry about the interior dripping with dew.  

“Bone-in” holder and mesh bottom

The cup holder area has a “bone” made of curved resin panel that holds cups and other objects tight in place. The back panel is also rigid, giving it an overall firm shape and stability. The depth is approximately 11 cm, which is enough to comfortably fit a standard water bottle or tumbler (8 cm in diameter).The bottom has a mesh panel, so there is no need to worry about condensation or other debris accumulating and soaking the interior. Acrylic material itself is a mold-resistant material, so it’s less likely to be stained. (Still, when storing the cup holder, rinse well to remove salt, and dry it well)

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