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[Legacy] Holder, Cup



The cup holder has a visor inside, the same as used in the brim of a baseball cap, which keeps the shape of the holder even if there is no cup. The back panel is also rigid, giving it an overall firm shape and stability. This type does NOT have cut for mug handles. Thanks to YKK SNAD fitting solution, this cup holder can easily be installed without any tools and can be removed when not in use. 

Detachable bottle holder with excellent weather-resistance

Cup holder and mesh bottom

The depth is approximately 11cm (4.3 inches), which is enough to comfortably fit a standard water bottle or tumbler (8cm / 3.1inches in diameter). The bottom has a mesh panel for breathability. Acrylic material itself is also mold-resistant.

[ MK1 - Legacy Design ]


  • Sauleda Acrylic Fabric for long-lasting UV resistance and colour fastness

  • PTFE Sewing thread which is ultra-UV resistant

  • Available in 2 colors:

    • Greyline – Anthracita & Perla
    • Navyline – Admiral Navy & Gris

  • Stiff inner plastic for shape retention.

  • Accommodate a can or bottle and its cooler

  • Easy drain mesh underside.

  • YKK SNADS mounting solution

    • No tools required, easy installation
    • NO HOLES or SCREWS required
    • 3 x YKK SNADS included
    • Stainless Steel Snaps.

  • Large enough for most double walled coffee/tea mugs


  Size: 8.5cm in diameter, D 11cm, H 15cm, W 12.5cm

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