The Sauleda Sea Star range has excellent qualities: durability, high UV resistance, air permeability, water tightness, resistance to mould, lightweight and easy maintenance. All the above, together with Masacril® 100% solution dyed acrylic fibre, makes it the best nautical fabric par excellence. No other fabric has been able to surpass it in over three decades. 
We use the YKK adhesive sockets SNAD® and YKK Zips. These do not deteriorate from exposure to sunlight, sand and dirt. The SNAD's dome shape enables it to be walked or brushed against without injury or damage. On the underside of the plastic body is a pad of 3M, VHB acrylic conformable foam adhesive that enables the snap to adhere to surfaces without having to drill a hole. No more drilling holes in your topsides or cockpits!
We only use Rutgerson rings where eyelets are required. Lesser rings often pull or tear through the fabric, tarnish or even bend out of shape.  Rutgerson High Load Eyes are also available in our High Load Eye Soft Shackles. Rutgerson in our opinion has proven themselves for over 40 years in the most demanding marine situations.
Barton Marine supplies High Load Eyes for High Load Eye Soft Shackles, and also splicing tools. A long establish and reliable British Company we have trusted for many years.
Star Mar, S.A. Regatta Yacht Ropes is one of the leading international brands in the manufacture of ropes and more than 40 years of experience in the nautical sector.