Robship has been serving the Marine industry since the early 2000's.

In 2016 management of Robship passed to Yuukou Marine the former Japanese Distributor for Robship who instigated a change in the materials used to offer better product life. Yuukou Marine was the Japanese Distributor for years before the change.

Aware that some materials previously used were not suited for extended outdoor exposure, particularly in high sunshine areas Robship went through a period of sourcing premium materials, re-designing many of our products and setting up production facilities dedicated to the Robship Line bringing materials, machines and staff under our control for the best possible quality control.

In early September 2017 Robship launched their new website with a range of upgraded products to reflect the company's goal of producing products will last the distance.

Robship is now operated as a fully independent Philippine corporation RMS Robship Marine Supply Inc. and Distributed in the United States by Robship USA LLC.

Robship is committed to providing products that represent the best value to our customers. We do this by ensuring that we only use the very best materials we can source paired with practical everyday designs that have been tested in everyday use along with great customer service.

You can read more about our design philosophy and the materials we use here->>>

For sales and product questions you can reach Robship at the following address: