Graphic Artist Profile - Eric Formentera Muaña
Eric Formentera Muaña
Artist Profile
On 8th of February 1999, Eric was born in the beautiful island of Camotes, Cebu, Philippines, to a happy family living a simple life. His mother took care of the family while his father was a fisherman on the island. Unfortunately, his father passed away two years ago, which made him pursue his talent in drawing as that was his father's last wish for him.
Eric`s favorite color is Green because for him it is the color of life. At a young age, he was exposed to the real world and a life that wasn’t easy, especially for him. However, never one to give in to hardships, instead he uses his situation to be motivated and instead make it a strength to forge forward in his life.
Eric is one of the differently abled artists in the world. His works are simply amazing. His greatest dream is to build an art studio wherein he could display all his artworks and show them to the world, to inspire other people like him.
One of his artworks was bought by our Filipino pride, Manny Pacquiao (the world’s Boxing Champion). He helps and supports his family with the earnings he made from his art.

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