Hoist'n Go Mast Steps

RobshipSKU: MSTP11-SM-BK

Size: 10m
Color: Black


The new Robship "Hoist and Go” mast steps create a secure foothold, using the existing mainsail track for increased deployment speed and reliability.
Made with Polyester which has high strength, low stretch, excellent resistance to the elements, and unlike nylon stays dry and light - reducing mould growth during storage.
  • Top 3 mast steps are full width for varied footing
  • UV Resistant Tenara Thread
  • Built-in strong fiberglass battens for the steps
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to pack and stow
  • Comes with a practical, long-life storage bag with convienent carry and storage handle.
Given the large variety of mast slides or runners we do not include these.
This manual contains important information about the safe operation and maintenance of your Robship “Hoist and Go” removable mast steps. 

Important Safety Information:
This product is designed to assist rigging operations and is not made to work in conjunction with necessary safety equipment such as bosun chairs, harnesses and other fall arrest systems.
You are responsible for your own safety and those below, and the necessary checks to make sure the conditions are suitable for the tasks at hand. 
Climbing the rigging without the proper safety equipment may result in death or serious injury to you or others.
You are also responsible to adhere to the local regulations regarding working at heights.
Before climbing the mast, you must provide the appropriate safety equipment as required by the local regulations. This will usually include a bosuns chair, fall arrest harness and the right number of crew to safely complete the tasks at hand. This also includes checking the forecast for wind and rain. Being caught in a squall up a mast is extremely unpleasant!
Please check that the slides are the right size to the track, and product isn’t defective or damaged in any way. Flatten out the product completely and remove any twists. 
Attach the mainsail halyard to the top of the “Hoist and Go”,  and insert each car carefully as you hoist up the steps. This may be easier to do with another crew member on larger boats. Check that each step is alternating port and starboard. Once all the cars are in, fasten the bottom of the steps and finish by pulling the mainsail halyard tight. Be careful not to over-tighten as this may reduce the lifespan of the product.
Detach the bottom of the “Hoist and Go” and while keeping a small amount of tension begin pulling the sliders out of the track. Completely loosening the halyard may result in the steps falling hazardously or the sliders jamming.
Stow away dry and in ventilated area in the provided mesh bag. Though this product is made using Polyester webbing and Tenara thread, storage in wet damp areas and  long exposure to direct sunlight may reduce the lifespan of the product.
If stricken by mould, wash with a mild detergent in warm water and leave to completely dry.
Thank you for your purchase of our Robship product. We hope you are pleased with both the product and service you received. 
Our products are made to last, and are designed for many years to come. If you find you are satisfied with the build quality, you can find similar well crafted gear at Robship.com. 
This product is designed to assist the user in general maintenance and repairs on the mast, built using superior marine grade materials. Any questions, feedback and comments are gladly welcome at www.robship.com.

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