Halyard, Multi

RobshipSKU: MHCR11-SM-BL

Size: 8mmx30m
Color: Blue


Need a new halyard for your cruising boat? You don't need to worry about length or shackles. Just choose the correct diameter and re-use your original shackle - or add the shackle of your choice.

These halyards use a special version of Robline Sirius 300 double braid polyester rope married to Robline Ocean 3000XG dyneema loop ends.

The Robline Sirius ropes feature the probably the highest strength and lowest stretch available in in a double braid polyester rope.


  • Spliced dyneema loop ends
  • Variety of colours and lengths
  • Robship 3 Year warranty
  • Includes mesh bag for neat long term storage


 Halyard Length Main Sheet Diameter Dyneema Tail Length Loop Size
30m 8mm 600mm 70mm
35m 10mm 800mm 80mm
40m 12mm 1000mm 90mm




Recommended Diameters for boat size:

Halyard Base Rope Size Boat Size LOA 
up to 27 feet
28 to 32 feet
33 to 45 feet






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