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Easy to Put on and off!

This durable turnbuckle is made out of two layers of acrylic fabric with a navy blue exterior and a gray interior. This covers the sidestay turnbuckle, protecting your sail and yourself from protruding objects such as split pins. Since it’s made out of a soft fabric, you won’t get hurt even if you bump into it. The sides open and shut with a Velcro so it’s easy to put it on and off. Snap buttons are also attached on the top and bottom edges of the opening and closure. This prevents the cover from being accidentally detached and makes it easier to open and close by hand.

It won't slide up!

 A sturdy rope "tail" is attached on the bottom of the cover and can be fastened to the Velcro closure. This creates a loop at the bottom edge of the cover, which can be threaded through the bottom of the sidestays. You can prevent the cover from sliding upward when the sail rubs against it.

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