Rope Bag, Mesh Pocket


Size: Small
Color: Navyline


Rope and Sheet Cockpit Organiser. 

Sauleda fabrics, YKK fastening, GORE TENARA Thread, Dot Durable 316
Large Size features two generous front pockets large enough to hold a tablet, phone, gloves, hats and a favourite book.  Medium and Small size have a single pocket.
Pockets and the rope storage have large top flaps to keep the elements out and vinyl mesh on the bottom for airflow and drainage.
On the front of each pocket is a black mesh slip that is large enough to hold a smartphone, mini-tablet or GPS display. The black mesh allows for the screen to be seen.
Two side pockets can accommodate winch handles or a couple of beers or a water bottle each. 
Lanyards are placed so that you have easy access to your accessories (e.g. bottle opener/ shackle opener/knife), but without having them swinging into the cockpit sides everytime your boat rocks.

    • Size Large - Height 31.5cm (12.4in): Width 48cm (18.9in): Depth approx' 10cm (4in)
      Medium - Height 33cm (13in): Width 35.5cm (14in): Depth approx' 10cm (4in)
      Small - Height 25.5cm (10in): Width 30.5cm (12in): Depth approx' 10cm (4in)
    • Rope storage holds 50m+ of 12 mm rope (164+ feet)
    • Room to hold a winch handle or two.
    • Fabric from Sauleda's Sea Star range for long-lasting UV and colour fastness.
    • Six (6) x YKK Snads included. Four (4) for the Medium and Small sizes.
    • GoreTenara thread for the ultimate in UV and rot resistance.
    • Tough vinyl mesh at the bottom for airflow and water drainage.
    • Left and right side pockets for 8-10 inch winch handles,
    • Side pockets comfortably large enough for drink bottles/cans.
    • Two attached lanyards.
    • Built-in lifeline and/or rail mounting.
    • Extra loops for additional securing points.
    • Large flaps on all pockets.

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