Race Mark, MK4

RobshipSKU: RAMK14-LG-GN

Size: Large
Color: Green


Affordable, visually vibrant, durable and easy to deploy, Robship Race Marks are a great investment for your race days.

Robship Race Marks come with strong and hard wearing polyester hand-holds and an easy to use anchoring attachment point. 
Filling or topping up the bladder is straight forward and can even be done while on the water.

Robship Race Marks use a PVC coated polyester fabric from the Sauleda Range of VIP Technical Fabrics. Extra-flat finish, varnished on both sides. The fabric has great dimensional stability and prevents the formation of pockets and creases making it easy to deploy quickly for use on the water.
Along with the use of Tenara thread, ease of cleaning and with excellent UV resistance the Robship Race Marks are excellent value.

Colors available:
Green / Hot Pink / Yellow / Orange

Made with a super tough, TPU (Theroplastic Polyurathane) with all seams welded. 
We insert the bladders into the cover and then inflate for 24 hours to check for air-leaks before being shipped. 

Pressure Relief Valve:

Worry free. Monster proof - pump to till they drop, but any overpressure air will simple be released. Sun and blacktop proof. Will automatically release air pressure if inflated on a cold morning and left in the parking lot in the afternoon sun.

The valve opens to let air out at the ideal inflation pressure and closes again as soon as the pressure is released to the proper level.



These Race Marks do require weights. We have have that for winds up to about 30knots 8kg works well with the smaller buoys, and that 10kg works well with the 2m tall buoys.




1200 x 200 x 500mm
1500 x 200 x 650mm
2000 x 600 x 1000mm
Extra Large
2000 x 1000mm



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