Cushion, Modular Safety


Color: Navyline


Robship Boat Seat & Comfort Cushion

 Sauleda fabrics, YKK fastening, GORE TENARA Thread, Dot Durable 316

Robship Boat Seat & Comfort Cushion have been designed to easily fit together to create a flexible and modular system. 
Along with a new design, we have increased our cushions durability by using the Sauleda Sea Star range of fabrics and Gore Tenara thread for maximum UV resistance.
We also incorporated a non-slip mesh on the back to help the cushion stay put along with cutaway arm slots on the back for added security in case extra flotation is needed. 
Cushions come with all straps needed for joining additional cushions together and the strap loops can be double up as securing points to stop them from blown or washed loose.

    • Length 40cm (15.75in) / Width 40cm (15.75in) / Height 8cm (3.15in)
    • Modular design - expand when you need to.
    • Long lasting UV and colour fast acrylic fabrics.
    • Gore Tenara thread for the ultimate in UV and rot resistance.
    • Non-slip mesh underside.
    • Heat sealed foam inner cushion.
    • Long-lasting YKK zippers.
    • Cutaway back for added grip if need to be used as a floatation aid.
    • Velcro straps are backed by the same fabric as the cushion and sewn with Gore Tenara thread.
    • Loops to attach a lanyard for extra security.

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