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Soft Shackle, Anchored



Soft Shackles that you often open can be troublesome since you can easily lose them. These "anchored" soft shackles allow you to loop the shackles onto something so that even when the soft shackles are opened they will remain secured and won't fall off. 

About the same price as stainless steel but with more advantages 

  • Soft & safer than metal shackles: No damage to deck-side, other equipment or people
  • Can be installed in narrow places where metal shackles cannot pass through
  • Ideal for connecting metal shackles & often opened shackles such as headboard & padeye shackles
  • Easy to mount anchor (loop) with a cow hitch
  • No tools required to open shackles
  • Soft shackles can be opened and closed freely even while tied with anchor
  • Very lightweight: 4-6 times lighter than equivalent stainless steel (They float!)
  • No fiddling with bits that can fall out.
  • Extremely strong. All Soft Shackles are made of high-quality Ocean 3000 XG from FSE Robline. The Ocean 3000 XG is a Dyneema SK78 with an upgraded coating to ensure good UV stability and abrasion resistance.

line size (mm)anchor size (mm)shackle size (mm)breaking strength (kg)color

  • anchor/shackle size: inner dimension when the loop of each part is elongated
  • loop size: inner dimension when the loop of each part is elongated while the shackles are closed

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